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Welcome to Independent Sponsor Financing

Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Access to capital doesn’t necessarily make one a good investor, but as the independent sponsor model has evolved, there are increasingly more qualified private investment firms that have leads on proprietary transaction opportunities that are off-market, priced below market, and/or in an industry in which the principals have deep prior experience and relationships.

Many of these emerging private equity investors have come out of traditional private equity firms or have backgrounds as operating executives with deep industry relationships and expertise.

As an investment bank focused on securing independent sponsor financing, our goal is to help enable these private investment groups to secure the right capital partners quickly and get the sponsor the best economic package available.  

ACP's network of debt and equity capital providers recognize the value in such opportunities and can provide capital and strategic support to the sponsors and executives that source and manage those opportunities.

Typically, fundless sponsor economics come in the form of a transaction fee, ongoing management fees and carried interest or promote structure that offers upside participation commensurate with value creation.  

The private capital markets are exceptionally inefficient, the market is still highly fragmented and economic packages vary widely by capital provider and situation.  

About Access Capital Partners

Access Capital Partners is an Investment Bank Focused on Providing Independent Sponsors, Management Teams, Executives and Other Private Investment Firms with Unmatched Capital Raising Services for Acquisitions, Buyouts and Recapitalizations. We've Leveraged Years of Experience in Raising Capital Across a Wide Variety of Situations to Develop a Focused Effort Tailored to the Unique Needs of Fundless or Independent Sponsors.

Save Time.  Get More Deals Done.  Get Better Economics.

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